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Academic Section Forms

17. Joining Form after availing leaves (PhD, NPDF, RA-1) - INST

19. Leave forms for PhD, PDF, NPDF - INST

21. TA and Honorarium Form for External Experts -INST

23. TA Claim Bill Proforma (Contingecy grant)

Project related Forms

1. Submission of New Project Proposal Form

4. Budget Break-up approved project Form

6a. Advertisement_Walk-in_Newspaper Form

8. Approval for Selection Committee Form

9a. Minutes_Recommendation of committee Form

12. Project Attendance Certificate Form

13. Leave Application Project Fellows Form

14. No Dues Certificate (for project staff)

15. Joining Form After Availing Leave (Project Fellow)

Internship Student Form

1. Short Term Research / Internship Registration Form

Email ID Form

Internet ID Form

No Dues Form for IT


4. Office Order - Engagement of distinguished scientists as Honorary Visiting Professor at INST Mohali

5. Office Order - Reconstitution of INST Safety Committee

6. Office Order: Operation of Auditorium-1 (C.V. Raman Auditorium) and Auditorium-2 of INST, Mohali

Internal Complaints Committee

Internal Complaints Committee w.e.f. 26.04.2021

Internal Complaints Committee w.e.f. 19.05.2020


2. INST-COVID19 Report as of 31.05.2021

3. INST-COVID19 Report as of 09.06.2021

4. INST-COVID19 Report as of 28.06.2021

5. INST-COVID19 Report as of 12.07.2021

6. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 29.07.2021

7. INST-COVID19 Report as of 13.08.2021

8. INST-COVID19 Report As Of 27.08.2021

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